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Self Contained 65vdc Central Monitoring SystemExilight OY

Exilight OY manufactures the industry’s widest selection of emergency lighting systems and guide and emergency lights. Exilight is located in Tampere(Finland) in the Technopolis-Hermia business park, and in Espoo at Technopolis-Innopoli. Exilight has the highest AAA credit rating, issued by Soliditet which is acquired only by 4.9% of all companies in Finland

Exilight provides Self Contained Centrally Monitored Emergency & Exit LED lights which makes the installation and maintenance of Self Contained luminaires very simple and cost efficient. Upto 100nos of Addressable Self Contained Emergency/ Exit luminaires are connected on a single circuit with a 2core Cable and thus reducing the overall cabling of the system. Incorporating High Quality LED products & Lithium Ion Batteries helps in longevity of Exilight luminaires and also helps in reducing maintenance costs. The Area Monitoring unit helps in sub circuit monitoring to switch ON the Non-Maintained Luminaires on the circuit.

All products are approved by BSI Kitemark which validates the quality of the product. The panels can also be connected over IP to a Central Control Station for remote monitoring of multiple panels.

  • Easy Control- ESC-200

  • Exilight ELX–1C

  • LED-2T/C

  • Tilav5+JV